Thursday, June 19, 2008


The very day news came out on Ces Drilon's abduction, I have maintained that ransom shall have to be paid. No other option was available. In fact, in the following days of her captivity, as ABS-CBN and Malacanang insisted on the "no ransom policy," I knew that was just plain and simple baloney, for the more they denied the possibility of ransom, the more I suspected a ransom was in the offing. Take the case of this silly pronouncement made by Indanan Mayor Alvarez Isnaji: "Instead of ransom, we will offer livelihood programs for the kidnappers." And then, a day after Ces' release from her barbaric captors, no less than President Arroyo gives the order to "crush the Abu Sayyaf." Give them a living and then kill them?? Duh! "Durugin ang Abu Sayyaf" is a statement we've heard many times already before. And as it was the practice done before of paying ransom in exchange for the safe release of kidnap victims, it's so obvious that ransom indeed has been paid again.

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