Thursday, June 12, 2008


Good news comes to us in the strangest of ways. Yesterday, June 11 is a date I shall never forget. As I was getting off the MRT on Quezon Avenue on my way to a friend's office in the Banawe area, I suddenly thought of my friend Ces Drilon who had been reported to be held against her will by bandits, together with her ABS-CBN crew in the jungles of Sulu. I first knew about this in the early morning of Tuesday, June 10, and have been worried for her safety. And so, curiosity egged me to reach for my phone from my pocket at that very moment, search for her name in its directory, and press "call," expecting a recorded message saying the subscriber would be "outside the coverage area, or has turned his unit off. Please try again later." That was exactly 1:00 PM. Lo and behold, Ces' phone rang! I was so surprised with this unexpected ringing of her phone that I immediately terminated the call after just one ring - a.k.a. a "miscol." Then the real surprise came when Ces immediately called back. I answered my phone, and the voice on the other end said, "Les, I'm sorry I can't talk right now." "Click." It was her. I smiled and thought at that moment, though I didn't have the chance to ask Ces how she was doing, I was just so thankful to hear her voice, obviously which meant that she was alive! I was just so happy as I began boarding the jeepney on Quezon Avenue bound for Banawe. But then again, I was sad too that such things must happen to a good person. A kind-hearted lady. As of this writing, Ces is still in the jungles of Sulu together with her crew, held captive by the Abu Sayyaf led by Al-bader Parad. Wasn't this the same fellow responsible for the abduction of Father Giancarlo Bossi? Nevertheless, I ask you to join me in faith asking God to protect her, to shield her from the enemy, and to bring her back to her family safely. Yesterday, June 11, is a date I shall never forget.

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Rose said...

Les..... will join you and the millions of Filipinos in praying for her safety & immediate return to her family.