Friday, April 18, 2008


In 2001 - She said she was fighting poverty with a four-point program: free enterprise, modernized agriculture, attention to the disadvantaged, high moral standards for government and society. Three little boys with their wishes written on paper boats sailed (kuno) all the way down the Pasig until she caught them (kuno) by the river alongside the palace and read them aloud before congress, exhibiting the tykes - Jason, Jomar and Erwin - as testimonies of her compassion.

In 2002 - She sounded like President Fidel Ramos, announcing "A strong republic, independent from class and sectoral interests, supported by a strong bureaucracy." "A strong republic takes care of its people," she said. "A strong republic is the bedrock of the victory we seek over poverty," she concluded. The oratory was slightly as impressive as her diction.

In 2003 - She was confident. "We should be at peace," she began, "but we war against terrorism, against corruption, against disease, against drugs..." There was not much to remember after that.

In 2004 - She orated about creating "jobs thru higher economic growth; eradicate corruption thru good governance, provide social justice and basic needs, enhance education and youth opportunity, boost power sufficiency and savings." The rhetoric was vintage classroom teacher, and she was the economic professor lecturing about the financial projections and expectations under her tutelage.

In 2005 - She suddenly enthused over Charter Change and emphasized how seriously it was needed to enable the country "to surmount the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century." The Garci scandal was still hovering over her pathetic "I am sorry" (kuno), and an impeachment debate was the soap opera entertainment of the day. She had to hold on to the urgency of changing the constitution. It was a tactical diversion. An emotional crutch and a Samurai sword alternately.

In 2006 - She was dwarfed (she's a black dwarf) by a background of a huge screen projecting an awesome power-point presentation on the 'super regions' of her creation. She talked about them collectively and singularly, "enhancing the competitive advntage of the natural configurations," whatever that meant. These were the North Luzon agri-business quadrangle, the Metro Luzon urban beltway, the region in Central Philippines, and Mindanao's power sources, with the entire country linked by "the cyber corridor." The superlatives were profuse, so were the applause for other "super" people in the audience she sorted out on cue. The audience was breathless at the revelation of the proposed infrastructure's magnitude. She fashioned "new heights" for the people's expectations.

In 2007 - We heard more of those super regions. Expectedly she concentrated on the progress of the work that was done and may still be on-going: roads, bridges, ports, airports, shipyards, ship-building facilities, billions of dollars in investments (kuno), and the cyber highway connecting the islands to her laptop.

2008 - She is well on her way - clearly, signs that she will be leaving us a legacy of illegitimacy, immorality, corruption, and the frequent "Filipino Last Policy" evident in her subservient business deals with foreign businesses.

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