Tuesday, April 01, 2008


MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando's pink fences are a sight for sore eyes, not to mention the harmful concrete barriers along EDSA and that stupid order for motorcyclists to display their motorcycle's plate numbers on their helmets. It gives one a sneak preview of the kind of taste BF has for colors and slogans (and ideas) such as his METRO GWAPO project which should be more fittingly called METRO GAGO, after his dumb antics - and now comes huge posters of himself in disguise as slogans of discipline. Say what? Wasn't he the same guy who cautioned advertisers on the blatant display of posters in the Metropolis, EDSA in particular? And now we have to suffer each day having to look at his posters that display his picture more than his message. But one clear unwritten message here is that he is now positioning himself for the 2010 presidential elections. He has disobeyed the law (his law) by putting up posters - contrary to his campaign to rid our main thoroughfares of billboards that would only distract the motorist. And, where did he get the funds to put up these sickening pictures of himself? It certainly must be from taxpayers money. Pink fences and sneaky antics. That's Chairman BF for you. But as for me, he won't get my vote. By the way, the picture above seems more appropriate for his latest campaign. It's a picture that certainly speaks for itself, wouldn't you agree?
(Image from www.websaytko.com)

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