Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Recently over at ANC's 'Strictly Politics' with Pia Hontiveros, I heard Enteng Romano of the 'Black and White Movement' say that GMA must now prepare the way (to that effect) for a Noli de Castro presidency. What? Did I hear him right? You see, the Black and White Movement's blog clearly declares that "... Noli de Castro has staked his lot with GMA and therefore does not deserve the mantle of leadership. We, groups and individuals who are part of the Black and White Movement, advocate the resignation, impeachment, or ouster of GMA and Noli de Castro." I'm beginning to suspect that Enteng is now VP Noli's newest PR guy. But I heard that the Black and White Movement will not be joining tomorrow's scheduled rally in Makati (February 15) to be led by the so-called 'Civil Society' groups. I think this is clearly a misnomer. You see, Civil Society had its serious sins against the nation during EDSA Dos. That is why they will simply be new 'askals' with different collars. Look at their faces. Are they not the same questionable characters themselves? What we need are pure hearts with pure motives to exorcise the legions of demons in power - Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Mike Arroyo, Mikey Arroyo, Dato Arroyo, Raul Gonzalez, Lito Atienza, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Joker Arroyo, Hermogenes Esperon, Ignacio Bunye, Prospero Nograles et al to name a few. Remember these people, for they owe the nation big-time!


Abe said...

Just thought I'd greet you. We met Jan 23 when I preached at John Gay's. Then you drove me all the way to my mom's house in Valenzuela. Take care.

Pastor Abe

LCB said...

Pastor Abe,

Good to hear from you! Hope to meet up again with you someday soon! Thank you and it was good meeting you. - Les