Monday, February 25, 2008


Over at the Senate hearing today on the ZTE-NBN deal (February 26), Senator Joker Arroyo wanted to establish the credibility of his fellow-Bicolano, Deputy Executive Secretary Manny Gaite by saying that Gaite has a nun for a sister, a parish priest for a brother, and that Gaite himself was a seminarian before joining government. What Joker was trying to say is that we should all believe Gaite instead of Jun Lozada because of his relatives wearing halos and carrying Rosaries. Will someone please remind Joker Arroyo that just because Mr. Gaite has a nun for a sister and a parish priest for a brother does not automatically make him even a bit credible than the next person. But, a deck of cards with a Joker in it may help in a game called "Bluff."

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