Sunday, January 13, 2008


The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) or MetroStar needs some rehabilitation work, and fast. As a commuter who frequently uses the MRT, I have been noticing the steady deterioration of its trains and its immediate surroundings. The clocks on its stations either tell the wrong time, or they're simply missing - purposely because of malfunction, or otherwise. The escalators are starting to be out of order too often, the elevators too slow to serve the riding public, the airconditioning system is always in an unpredictable state, the toilets at every station need constant cleaning, the guards too lax in their security, and the trains are no longer as smooth as they used to be. They're starting to wobble. Signs of an impending disaster? God forbid. Several thousands of passengers use the MRT each day paying an average fare of P20.00 each (round trip). The question is, does the money go back to the maintenance and upkeep of the MRT system, or does it go to the wrong places courtesy of some people in this present administration? I sure hope that part of the proceeds from fares are used for regular safety checks on its trains. Let's not wait for another disaster to happen again just because of a simple case of negligence. Use some of the money for the safety of the riding public.

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